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Speederxp - Try the Best Speed in CS and Left 4 Dead- Edward V. Hawky from: Australia

Hi, I would like to recommend you a gaming software here – speederxp. Go to google it you’ll find much information about the it. But I will tell you something about myself using speederxp here.

I love the games of first-person shooter, because they are all breathtaking. My favorite two games are Counter-Strike and Left 4 Dead. I have played the two for several years, especially CS. So I spend much time in searching ways of CS speed hack.

I heard speederxp from a forum by chance. Knowing what it exactly is, I downloaded the software and tried it. Unexpectedly, I found that it is just the right thing I need in my games! You can’t image how I felt at the first time I used speederxp in CS.

I set the speed at 5 times firstly. It worked so well. I ran really fast and fluently as if I was flying. What’s more, with speederxp, I can shoot quickly too! That is SUPER exciting! I almost get addicted.

CS speed hack

And speederxp does do a good job too in Left 4 Dead. But It is better to set the speed not as fast as in CS. The game would get a bit unsmooth if you ran at a high speed. So I usually control the speed in 1.5 to 2 times. ^^

Left 4 Dead speed hack

Speederxp is the best software I’ve used to control the speed in game. So I recommend it. You might think I’m telling a lie now. But no kidding, to see is to believe. Just try it on your computer and your games. Then you’ll approve what I said.

- From Edward, Australia

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Here is for CS speed hack and Left 4 Dead speed hack. More games please move to Game Tips.

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